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Jo-Philipp Wich
busybox: fix glibc libresolv dependency for LEDE nslook applet
Fixes d1ba483472 merge: busybox: update CONFIG_NSLOOKUP in busybox config.
Fixes FS#1212.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo@mein.io>
  • zynq/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Jonas Gorski
base-files: make including distfeeds.conf optional
To not clutter the system when building an opkg free image, generate the
distfeeds.conf only if CLEAN_IPKG is unset.

Since opkg is now a shared package, we can't rely on PACKAGE_opkg, but
since opkg is not reasonably usable without the status information, we
can tie the distfeeds.conf to it.

Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jonas.gorski@gmail.com>
Jonas Gorski
ar71xx: fix lzma-loader build with glibc
For an unknown reason gcc tries to link in crti.o when building with a
glibc toolchain (this does not happen with other targets). Prevent this
by telling gcc explicitly to not do that.

Fixes the following build error:

/home/jonas/git/lede/staging_dir/toolchain-mips_24kc_gcc-5.5.0_glibc/lib/gcc/mips-openwrt-linux-gnu/5.5.0/../../../../mips-openwrt-linux-gnu/lib/crti.o: In function `_init':
(.init+0x18): relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_GOT16 against `__gmon_start__'
/home/jonas/git/lede/staging_dir/toolchain-mips_24kc_gcc-5.5.0_glibc/lib/gcc/mips-openwrt-linux-gnu/5.5.0/../../../../mips-openwrt-linux-gnu/lib/crti.o: In function `_init':
(.init+0x28): relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_CALL16 against `__gmon_start__'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jonas.gorski@gmail.com>
  • layerscape/armv8_64b: Building images failed -  stdio
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Gabor Juhos
ar71xx: fix board detection with newer RouterBOOT versions
Recent RouterBOOT version (at least version 3.41 on RB911G-5HPacD)
use "Board=" kernel parameter instead of "board=" to pass the board
name to the kernel. Due to this change the board detection code is
not working on the devices shipped with the new RouterBOOT version.
Because the kernel is unable to identify these boards they become
unusable despite that they are supported by the current code.

Update the prom_init code to convert the 'Board' kernel parameter to
'board'. After this change, the board detection works also with the
new RouterBOOT versions.

Signed-off-by: Gabor Juhos <juhosg@freemail.hu>
  • zynq/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Kabuli Chana
mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-11-29
Improves stability on WRT3200ACM

Signed-off-by: Kabuli Chana <newtownBuild@gmail.com>
  • zynq/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Sascha Paunovic
kernel: fix spelling in CONFIG_DEVTMPFS help text
Change "ti" to "to", as that's the correct spelling.

Signed-off-by: Sascha Paunovic <azarus@posteo.net>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Matthias Schiffer
base-files: remove remaining uses of %N, and drop VERSION_NICK config symbol
Fixes d23e1e1e1a "merge: properly remove %n / %N references"

Signed-off-by: Matthias Schiffer <mschiffer@universe-factory.net>
  • layerscape/armv8_64b: Building images failed -  stdio
merge: etc: update remaining files
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
Jo-Philipp Wich
merge: properly remove %n / %N references
- use %d instead of %n for opkg feed identifiers
- remove %n / %N references from version files

Fixes bf5cef47b3 merge: release/banner: drop release name and update banner.
Fixes FS#1213.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo@mein.io>
  • sunxi/cortexa53: Building packages failed -  stdio
merge: busybox: update CONFIG_NSLOOKUP in busybox config and respective patch
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
Mathias Kresin
procd: nand: dont rely on boardname in nand_upgrade_tar
Kernel and rootfs in a subdirectory matching the userspace boardname,
was intended to use a single sysupgrade-tar archive for multiple boards
with different kernel/rootfs images. This feature was never used.

Use the first found directory in the tar archive instead of relying on
a directory named according to the userspace boardname.

It allows to change the boardname without adding another compatibility
layer - using the nand_board_name() function - for (sub)targets using
the metadata based image validation in favour to

Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
merge: release/banner: drop release name and update banner
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
Moritz Warning
brcm47xx: remove versions from linksys-e1000 target
The target name does not need to included a revision
if all revisions are supported.
This target supports all revisions (v1, v2, v2.1).

Signed-off-by: Moritz Warning <moritzwarning@web.de>
[Keep the version numbers in the device title, it doesn't harm]
Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Moritz Warning
brcm47xx: use proper region code in image name
Replace 'north-america' by 'na' and remove 'other-regions' in image
files for Netgear WGR614 v10.

Signed-off-by: Moritz Warning <moritzwarning@web.de>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Mathias Kresin
netifd: always send DHCPv4 hostname
udhcpc doesn't send a hostname by default. Use the system hostname if
nothing else is specified, to always send a hostname.

It syncs the behaviour to odhcpc, which always sends a hostname.

Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
Acked-by: Stijn Tintel <stijn@linux-ipv6.be>
Acked-by: Hans Dedecker <dedeckeh@gmail.com>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Mathias Kresin
lantiq: dgn3500 drop worldwide suffix
Remove the WW suffix, everything without a region suffix is world wide

While at it, normalise the image filenames by using only lower case

Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Jonas Gorski
brcm63xx: fix an OOPS when accessing the basemode register on 6368
The bcm6368 pinctrl driver passed the wrong variable to
devm_regmap_field_alloc, causing it to blow up when later trying to
access the field.

Fixes #1211.

Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jonas.gorski@gmail.com>
Christian Lamparter
firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA4019 firmware to 10.4-3.2.1-00058
This patch updates ath10k-firmware to use the
firmware-5.bin_10.4-3.2.1-00058 firmware for the QCA4019.

Cc: Hauke Mehrtens <hauke@hauke-m.de>
Signed-off-by: Christian Lamparter <chunkeey@gmail.com>
Mathias Kresin
procd: nand: remove nand_board_name platform override
It isn't uses anymore by any target.

Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Felix Fietkau
build: allow PKG_PREPARED_DEPENDS and PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS to be changed after including package.mk
Reverts commit a9c96ef0ac7ac99e4928f5312f3d0d1252c98328 and replaces it
with a different approach

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <nbd@nbd.name>
Jo-Philipp Wich
wolfssl: update to 3.12.2 (1 CVE)
Update wolfssl to the latest release v3.12.2 and backport an upstream
pending fix for CVE-2017-13099 ("ROBOT vulnerability").

Ref: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssl/pull/1229
Ref: https://robotattack.org/

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo@mein.io>
Hans Dedecker
dnsmasq: add DHCP build switch support in full variant
Add config option which allows to enable/disable DHCP support at compile
time. Make DHCPv6 support dependant on DHCP support as DHCPv6 support
implies having DHCP support.

Signed-off-by: Hans Dedecker <dedeckeh@gmail.com>
  • zynq/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
merge: targets: update image generation and targets
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
Jo-Philipp Wich
rules.mk: export TMPDIR
Set TMPDIR to the same value as the existing TMP_DIR variable in order to
let gcc and various other utilities use the local temporary directory
instead of the system-wide one.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo@mein.io>
Christian Lamparter
toolchain: musl: update to current HEAD

72656157 fix fgetwc when decoding a character that crosses buffer boundary
a223dbd2 add reverse iconv mappings for JIS-based encodings
105eff9d generalize iconv framework for 8-bit codepages
a71b46cf fix malloc state corruption when ldso rejects loading a second libc
d060edf6 reformat cjk iconv tables to be diff-friendly, match tool output
c21051e9 prevent fork's errno from being clobbered by atfork handlers
a39f20bf add iso-2022-jp support (decoding only) to iconv
5b546faa add iconv framework for decoding stateful encodings
0df5b39a simplify/optimize iconv utf-8 case
9eb6dd51 handle ascii range individually in each iconv case
bff59d13 move iconv_close to its own translation unit
79f49eff refactor iconv conversion descriptor encoding/decoding
30fdda6c fix getaddrinfo error code for non-numeric service with AI_NUMERICSERV
67b29947 fix mismatched type of __pthread_tsd_run_dtors weak definition
13935337 s390x: use generic ioctl.h
4dc44ce8 microblaze: add statx syscall from linux v4.13
ffd048a0 aarch64: add extra_context struct from linux v4.13
6651ef1f add new tcp.h socket options from linux v4.13
14ced228 add new fcntl.h macros from linux v4.13
754f66af ioctl TIOCGPTPEER from linux v4.13
c35a8bf4 add SO_ getsockopt options from linux v4.13
5daaed6a s390x: add syscall number for s390_guarded_storage from linux v4.12
2dc6760f i386: add arch_prctl syscall number from linux v4.12
840d45be aarch64: add new HWCAP_* flags from linux v4.12
4c811227 add ARPHDR_VSOCKMON from linux v4.12
54f04d99 add new SO_ socket options from linux v4.12
9864f60e add statx syscall numbers from linux v4.11
c519658c add TCP_NLA_* enums from linux v4.11
ee3ae782 add TCP_FASTOPEN_CONNECT tcp socket option from linux v4.11
3eb82f73 add ETH_P_IBOE from linux v4.11
bd1560f6 update aarch64 hwcap.h for linux v4.11
cee73f0c add kexec_file_load syscall number on powerpc from linux v4.10
8f569557 add microblaze syscall numbers from linux v4.10
d8004030 add TFD_TIMER_CANCEL_ON_SET that timerfd.h was missing
f5638c22 add ETH_MIN_MTU and ETH_MAX_MTU from linux v4.10
01369691 add IP_RECVFRAGSIZE and IPV6_RECVFRAGSIZE from linux v4.10
5c596ed8 add SCM_TIMESTAMPING_OPT_STATS and related TCP_ enums from linux v4.10
6fc6ca1a adjust posix_spawn dup2 action behavior to match future requirements

Cc: Syrone Wong <wong.syrone@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: Christian Lamparter <chunkeey@gmail.com>
Pavel Kubelun
ramips: fix a typo in 02_network
The typo in network defaults script in ramips target that prevents
defaults to initialize.

Signed-off-by: Pavel Kubelun <be.dissent@gmail.com>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Felix Fietkau
kernel: MIPS compile out no-op DMA mapping ops where possible
Slightly improves networking throughput on some devices

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <nbd@nbd.name>
Martin Schiller
dropbear: disable MD5 HMAC and switch to sha1 fingerprints
As MD5 is known weak for many years and more and more
penetration test tools complain about enabled MD5 HMAC
I think it's time to drop it.

By disabling the MD5 HMAC support dropbear  will also
automatically use SHA1 for fingerprints.
This shouldn't be a problem too.

Signed-off-by: Martin Schiller <ms@dev.tdt.de>
Luis Araneda
treewide: add only one device when appending to TARGET_DEVICES
This will avoid some conflicts when doing a git rebase or merge,
specially when adding support to a new device.

Signed-off-by: Luis Araneda <luaraneda@gmail.com>
[drop brcm47xx changes which rename the images]
Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
Jonas Gorski
base-files: create /etc/opkg before generating distfeeds.conf
Ensure /etc/opkg exists before trying to write there. This fixes a build
failure if SIGNED_PACKAGES is disabled.

Reported-by: Matthias Schiffer <mschiffer@universe-factory.net>
Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jonas.gorski@gmail.com>
Rosen Penev
Revert "ag71xx: Switch from driver to kernel macro for NAPI_WEIGHT."
The motivation for this was misguided. It turns out tuning the NAPI weight could be useful for testing purposes. Therefore reverting.

Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <rosenp@gmail.com>
Christian Lamparter
base-files: upgrade: make get_partitions() endian agnostic
This patch fixes two issues with the current get_partitions()

First: "Invalid partition table on $disk" will pop up on
legitimate images on big endian system.

This is because the little-endian representation of "55 AA" is
assumed in the context of little-endian architectures. On these
comparing it to the 16-bit word 0xAA55 does work as intented.
Whereas on big-endian systems, this would have to be 0x55AA.

This patch fixes the issue by replacing the integer conversion
and value match check with just a string comparision.

Second: The extraction of the type, start LBA and LBA num from
the partition table has the same endianness issue. This has been
fixed by using the new hex_le32_to_cpu() function. This function
will translate the stored little-endian data to the correct
byte-order if necessary.

Signed-off-by: Christian Lamparter <chunkeey@gmail.com>
Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant
wireguard: bump to 20171211
Bump to latest WireGuard snapshot release:

44f8e4d version: bump snapshot
bbe2f94 chacha20poly1305: wire up avx512vl for skylake-x
679e53a chacha20: avx512vl implementation
10b1232 poly1305: fix avx512f alignment bug
5fce163 chacha20poly1305: cleaner generic code
63a0031 blake2s-x86_64: fix spacing
d2e13a8 global: add SPDX tags to all files
d94f3dc chacha20-arm: fix with clang -fno-integrated-as.
3004f6b poly1305: update x86-64 kernel to AVX512F only
d452d86 tools: no need to put this on the stack
0ff098f tools: remove undocumented unused syntax
b1aa43c contrib: keygen-html for generating keys in the browser
e35e45a kernel-tree: jury rig is the more common spelling
210845c netlink: rename symbol to avoid clashes
fcf568e device: clear last handshake timer on ifdown
d698467 compat: fix 3.10 backport
5342867 device: do not clear keys during sleep on Android
88624d4 curve25519: explictly depend on AS_AVX
c45ed55 compat: support RAP in assembly
7f29cf9 curve25519: modularize dispatch

Refresh patches.

Compile-test-for: ar71xx
Run-tested-on: ar71xx Archer C7 v2

Signed-off-by: Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <ldir@darbyshire-bryant.me.uk>
merge: uhttpd: update cert generation to match system defaults
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
merge: packages: update branding in core packages
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
merge: ssid: update default ssid
Signed-off-by: Zoltan HERPAI <wigyori@uid0.hu>
Jonas Gorski
package: move distfeeds.conf from opkg to base-files
All the relevant options used for distfeeds.conf are part of base-files,
so it makes more sense to move the file there as well.

This has the added benefit that the we can share the opkg package again,
reducing the amount of target specific packages.

Acked-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo@mein.io>
Signed-off-by: Jonas Gorski <jonas.gorski@gmail.com>
  • layerscape/armv8_64b: Building images failed -  stdio
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Rosen Penev
ag71xx: Reduce NAPI weight to 32.
Qualcomm claims this reduces cache misses. Original commit message below:

From: Ben Menchaca <ben.menchaca@qca.qualcomm.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 12:18:46 -0500
Subject: [ag71xx] reduce NAPI weight

In an attempt to increase our cache warmth, we are decreasing NAPI.
This increases the warmth of the reused SKBs.

Signed-off-by: Ben Menchaca <ben.menchaca@qca.qualcomm.com>
Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <rosenp@gmail.com>
Mathias Kresin
lantiq: nand: drop ubifs images
Users are confused which image type they should use and there are more
drawbacks than adavantages in using a r/w ubifs rootfs in constrast to
a read-only squashfs rootfs like:

- less available free flash space due to better compression of squashfs
- no support for factory reset due to r/w filesystem
- possibility to break failsafe due to r/w filesystem

Therefore, drop support for r/w ubifs rootfs images.

Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio
Mathias Kresin
ar71xx: remove nand_board_name platform override
The boardname isn't used any longer to find the subdirectory in the
sysupgrade tar archive, which makes this override useless.

Signed-off-by: Mathias Kresin <dev@kresin.me>
  • mxs/generic: Building packages failed -  stdio